The Brainstorm project, currently in development between Fantail Studios and KEDRI. For semester one of 2013, we are creating a brain simulation with data provided by KEDRI. With this data, we plan to show the brain and some basic locational data in a visual and easy to understand simulation. The development for semester will be a fully immersive installation. Ideally we would like to create a live feedback loop, with brain data from the brain scanner being shown in a visualisation in real time, but there may be some challenges with the equipment which makes this unfeasible.

Currently, we are simulating the location of 1471 data points, each of which represents ~58 million neurons in the human brain. These data points contain the general location of each neuron cluster, and some more information about each neuron. This is displayed in a display window which is shown when the viewer gets close to a particular neuron. Future development on the simulation for me will focus on implementing the connections between these neurons, and showing the activity spikes from one neuron and how it flows to neighbouring neurons through synapses. This is dependant on data from KEDRI, as we are waiting for connection data between the neurons before this can be implemented.